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Givenchy is now among the largest French luxury fashion and perfume houses. The founder, Hubert de Givenchy, was the first high fashion designer to introduce a luxury ready-to-wear clothing line.

Meaning and history

Givenchy Logo

The fashion house was founded in 1952 by Hubert de Givenchy and Javani Robert Durfy. The current emblem was designed by Paul Barnes in 2003.

You can come across an older logo, which looks very similar to the current one, apart from a couple of minor details. In the previous version, the top end of the “G” is cut in such a way that it is not aligned with the lower half of the letter (as it is on the current emblem). The “C” is also pretty different – on the old logo, its ends are cut diagonally, while on the current one, its ends are cut in such a way that a single vertical line can go through them.


Givenchy emblem

The Givenchy logo is simple and functional. The type is a sans serif with classic proportions. All the letters are capitalized, and there is generous breathing space between them. As a result, the wordmark is perfectly legible no matter what size it is, large or small.

Sometimes, the wordmark is used on its own but it also quite often comes together with the Givenchy symbol. The symbol is made up of the four letters “G” creating a distinctive pattern, which looks like Celtic jewelry.

In some cases, the lettering “Givenchy” (with or without the quadruple “G” symbol) is paired with the word “Paris,” which is given in smaller letters below.

Parfums Givenchy symbol

Givenchy symbol

In addition to the main Givenchy logo, the company also uses a specialized emblem for its fragrances. It is based on the primary wordmark, which dominates the design. Above, the word “Parfums” (French for “perfumes”) can be seen. It is much smaller than the word “Givenchy.”

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