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Germanwings was a low-cost airline founded in 2002 by Lufthansa. It aimed to provide affordable air travel within Europe. The airline gained recognition for its extensive network and competitive fares. Germanwings operated flights to numerous destinations, primarily in Europe, and successfully expanded its route network over the years. Unfortunately, in 2015, Germanwings faced a tragic incident when one of its flights, Flight 9525, crashed in the French Alps, resulting in the loss of all passengers and crew on board. This event had a significant impact on the airline and raised concerns regarding aviation safety. In 2017, Germanwings was integrated into Eurowings, another subsidiary of Lufthansa, and its operations were gradually phased out. As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, Germanwings no longer operates as an independent airline.

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What is Germanwings?
Germanwings was a low-cost airline based in Germany. It was a subsidiary of Lufthansa and operated flights within Europe. Unfortunately, Germanwings ceased operations in 2019 and merged with Eurowings, another subsidiary of Lufthansa.

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