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Gears of War is one of the Epic Games franchises, which was created in 2006. The game series consists of 6 parts, which tell about the conflict between people and reptile mutants. The game was originally created for Windows and today has its mobile versions for both iOS and Android, as well as console edition as for Xbox.

Meaning and history


Gears of War logo

The Gears of War logo is powerful and threatening. It is composed of a wordmark with an emblem above it. The badge is the game’s symbol, which is used as an icon and can be seen in the game itself.

The Gears of War nameplate in all capitals is executed in a bold sans-serif typeface with rounded angles and a sharp element of the “G” tail. Both letters “A” of the in-scription are open, the same is with “E” and “F”, which have one of their horizontal bars separated from the letter’s body.

The Gears of War typeface was replicated in a CGF Locust Resistance font, which features all capital letters and numbers.

The iconic Gears of War emblem depicts the game’s symbol, the Crimson Omen, enclosed in a gear. The omen is a bright red skull, which looks evil and memorable.

Gears of War Emblem

The red, black and white color palette of the Gears of War logo is a powerful and confident mixture, which fully reflects the game’s essence. It looks dark, dangerous and mysterious, evoking a sense of fight. The bloody red accent shows the fighting character of the game, while the white lettering emphasizes strategic planning.


Gears Of War Font