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Battle.Net is an online platform for gamers, which was created in 1996 by Blizzard. The platform was also launched in iOS and Android application and is considered to be one of the most visited gaming websites.

Meaning and history

Battle.Net Logo history

1996 – 2009

Battle.Net Logo-2009

The original Battle Net logo was designed in 1996 and stayed with the company for over a decade. It was a bold lowercase inscription in a modern slanted sans/serif typeface with bold lines and massive shapes on the blue letters, outlined in black. The inscription featured a pixel structure and was decorated by a diagonally oriented orbit on its background, executed in a gradient silver color palette. The orbit image was accompanied by the diagonally stretched silver dot between the two parts of the domain name in the logo.


Battle.Net Logo-2009
The redesign of 2009 refined the contours of the previous version, brightened up its color palette, making it gradient and even neon, and placed it inside a more complicated composition; with the circular framing made up of a thick wreath in dark silver, and decorated by several snow peaks of different lengths, set mostly along the bottom part of the frame. The whole badge was placed on a deep and dark blue background, which was evoking a sense of mystery.

2009 – 2017

Battle.Net Logo-2009-2017The original Battle.Net logo features an abstract swirl-like image composed of several intertwined curved lines. Executed in two shades of blue, it was instantly recognizable all over the globe.

2017 – Today

Battle.Net Logo

The 2017 Battle.Net logo keeps the original color palette and the overall mood, but nothing else from the old version remains. The logo is composed of a bright blue rectangular frame with its bottom side thickened.

The “Blizzard” lettering is placed inside the frame repeating its color. It is executed in the brand’s iconic typeface, with pointed angles of elongated letter-lines and uneven edges.

The Battle.Net inscription in all capitals is placed on the lower bar of the frame. It is written in a traditional neat sans-serif typeface and featured a dark blue shade, as the logo’s background.

The Battle.Net logo evokes a sense of mystery and creativity. Its color palette gives a lot of space for imagination and represents a confident and powerful company.