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The Frozen Farmer is a gourmet ice cream company. It crafts frozen treats with a focus on farm-fresh ingredients, often utilizing “ugly” produce that doesn’t meet retail standards, thereby reducing food waste. Primarily serving the U.S. market, its offerings include ice cream, sorbet, and “Frobert,” a blend of sorbet and yogurt. Owned and operated by a family team, the company gained wider recognition after featuring on the TV show “Shark Tank.”

Meaning and history

The Frozen Farmer’s tale began with a family-run farm’s ingenuity to curtail food waste. Spearheaded by Katey Evans and her family, the Delaware-based company set out to use misshapen but flavorful produce to create premium ice creams, sorbets, and Frobert—a fusion of sorbet and yogurt. Their business blossomed from a farm-stand novelty into a mission-driven brand, drawing attention for their eco-conscious approach.

This small-scale venture soon caught the eye of a national audience when they pitched their concept on “Shark Tank” in 2020. They secured a deal with Lori Greiner, which catapulted the brand into new heights. Post-show, they expanded production and distribution, keeping the business family-oriented and true to its roots.

Despite the newfound fame and expanded reach, The Frozen Farmer has maintained its core values, focusing on sustainability, community engagement, and delivering artisanal products. Their growth has been organic, with no major shifts in ownership, staying within the family, and they continue to operate from their home base, providing locally-sourced treats with a story of environmental stewardship and family heritage.


Frozen Farmer Logo

The design features a modern and approachable look, with the company name in a friendly and soft sans-serif typeface. “The Frozen” is presented in a light gray color, providing a subtle contrast to the word “farmer,” which is highlighted in a vivid green hue. The green word is adorned with a playful leaf flourish on the final ‘r’, evoking thoughts of fresh produce and a connection to farming. The logo embodies a farm-to-freezer ethos, suggesting a blend of traditional farming with contemporary, eco-conscious food production. The overall effect is clean, fresh, and evocative of the company’s dedication to sustainable practices and natural ingredients.