Five Below Logo

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Five Below is the brand of the low-budget supermarket chain, founded in 2002 in the USA. The company specializes in the range of products for up to $5 and has almost one thousand stores across America.

Meaning and history

The text-based Five Below logo is simple yet playful and recognizable. The wordmark is written in a bold sans-serif typeface with thick straight lines and three-letters of the inscription are the lowercase. The “F” and “I” of the “Five” and the “O” of “Below”, written in smaller size make the logo unique and individual.

The smallest of all letters, “O”, works as a degree sign, creating a visualization of the company’s name.

Five Below Logo

The classic blue on the white color palette of the Give Below the logo is a representation of a reliable and trustworthy company, which values its clients and the quality of its product offered above all.

The blue looks strong and bright in the unique lettering of the brand’s name, creating a bright contrast with the white background. The simple forms and no extra detail in the Five Below logo are fully compensated y the playful and creative approach to the size of the letters.

What is Five Below?
Five Below is a chain of variety stores, which was established in the United States in 2002, and by today has grown into a company with more than a thousand locations across the country, offering various products below $5.

Font and color

The mixed-type lettering from the primary badge of the Five Below store chain is set in a modern and bold sans-serif typeface, which looks unique due to the interesting style of the inscription. The closest fonts to the one, used for this insignia are, probably, Neue Haas Grotesk Display 95 Black and Sequel Sans Display Bold.

As for the color palette of the Five Barlow visual identity, it is set in a bright and intense shade of blue, which looks professional and progressive, perfectly reflecting the essence of the company and its innovative approach to business.