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The casual and vivid style of the FitFlop logo evokes the brand’s products. Even the shape of the letters serves the same purpose.

Meaning and history

FitFlop Logo history

FitFlop is a line of shoes produced for both women and men. The history of the company started in 2007. The brand promises its products to deliver “the perfect combination of biomechanics, comfort, and fashion.” It emphasizes that the benefits of these shoes are especially obvious for people who walk a lot.

In 2014, the company went through a class-action lawsuit for $ 5.3 million. The brand was accused of wrongly advertising its footwear as providing health benefits.

2007 – 2010

FitFlop Logo 2007

2010 – now


Logo FitFlop

The logo features the word “FitFlop” in white placed inside a red rectangle. Both the rectangle and the wordmark are slightly tilted, which adds a playful, casual touch. In addition to it, the diagonal position evokes the shape of the platform, which has a small height at the beginning (under the toes) and is higher at the end (under the heel).

The letters in the FitFlop logo are lowercase. While all of them belong to a pretty generic sans, the “l” is somewhat unusual because of its length. The top end of the glyph stretches beyond the border of the red rectangle. It also brings to mind the footwear made by FitFlop (the strings holding the shoes at the place).

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