Maytag Logo

Maytag logo
The Maytag Corporation was founded in 1983 as a small washing machine manufacturer. The company logo has undergone several modifications since then.

Meaning and History logo

Maytag Logo history

One of the most known old logotypes is the bold script wordmark given in red on the white background. It was later replaced by a black wordmark with the iconic “YT” glyph. The stylized depiction of a wave, which could be seen to the right of the lettering, resembled the brand’s initial, the letter “M.”

Current symbol

maytag symbol
While the typeface became bolder in the current wordmark, the recognizable “YT” glyph stayed as it was. The wave emblem was gone. Now, the name of the brand is placed in a silver frame bearing a vague resemblance to a shield.

Emblem colors

maytag emblem
The Maytag logo is a combination of dark blue (PMS 295 C) and several shades of grey, which create a gradient texture.


Although the serif typeface looks straightforward and ultra-traditional, it also has a unique design element: the letters “Y” and “T” merge to form a single glyph.