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Meaning and history

FIFA Women's World Cup Logo history
The FIFA Women’s World Cup started its history in 1991. Since then, it has been held at least seven times, each time with a new logo. What about the emblem unveiled for the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup in France?


FIFA Women's World Cup Logo 1991
The original logo represented the global reach of FIFA with now recognizable two globes that showed all the continents. They were done in blue with a black outline and football ball pattern over them and were slightly overlapping each other. A silhouette of a running woman was done in black and placed in front of the globes. It appeared as if there were several such silhouettes stacked on top of each other, which created an appearance of motion as well as reflected that the teams consisted of many players.


FIFA Women's World Cup Logo 1995
An abstract blue and yellow drawing of a woman’s profile with flowing hair was placed in the center of the emblem. It was a great symbolism for a World Cup that was represented by women. The flowing hair also created motion, which is an integral part of sports. In the upper right corner, the logo featured an inscription “Women’s World Cup `95 Sweden” which created a half circle around the woman’s head. Centered right under the profile was the black and white football ball that blended with the white background as there was no outline. Right underneath, slightly off-center, it stated the exact dates of the event in light blue.


FIFA Women's World Cup Logo 1999
In 1999, the tournament was held in several cities in the United States, which coincidentally won it. The emblem was designed by Duffy Design and featured a bright yellow rectangle with several border lines. There were multiple inscriptions some placed vertically and some horizontally. They were printed using different fonts and colors to make a separation between them make accent the most important lines. On the right, there was an abstract blue drawing of a woman running with a ball and a thin circle symbolizing the global nature of the event. This element was removed in an alternate square version that had some elements rearranged.


FIFA Women's World Cup Logo 2003
The fourth FIFA Women’s World Cup was supposed to be held in China, but due to the SARS threat, it was hosted in the United States of America in 2003. It was done in black, blue, white, and red, which instantly drew an association with the flag of the hosting country. At the top, the emblem had “FIFA Women’s World Cup” printed in black with “FIFA” being done using a recognizable font with diagonal cuts. Across the center, the emblem had “USA” printed in large, sans-serif, white letters with a thick blue outline. The year of the competition was done underneath in white on a red background. The emblem was embellished by a drawing on the right that resembled a trophy with a ball at the top.


FIFA Women's World Cup Logo 2007
For a portion that held the “FIFA Women’s World Cup” inscription, they chose the traditional FIFA colors, two different shades of blue, while spiral brush strokes with a sun at the top reminded of the Chinese calligraphy. The latter portion was done in yellow and orange gradients that are characteristic of the sunrise or sunset. Across the spiral, which reminded of a trophy, the logo specified the host country and year of the tournament. In the upper right corner, the logo featured the trophy of the Women’s World Cup.


FIFA Women's World Cup Logo 2011
Germany has received the honor of holding this year’s competition. The logo layout resembled the one presented for the previous event. The Stuttgart advertising agency WVP customized it by replacing the sunset portion with a stadium with a green field and spirals that were representing the seating area being done in national colors – red, gold, and black. A light blue sky above the stadium had the name of the country and year printed in white, uppercase letters.


FIFA Women's World Cup Logo 2015
Canada followed the trend and replaced only the left side of the logo with symbols that represented the country. It used a crimson gradient for the background and added a large, colorful maple leaf as the main element. Going from the left, the first leaf was stylized as thin red and orange leaves or feathers, the center leaf had different blue gradients and resembled buildings or icy peaks. The leaf on the very right had green mountain peaks and the green field at the bottom with a blue river. The center was stylized as a jumping human figure that was a continuation of a horizontal line in the “A” in the “Canada 2015” inscription at the bottom. The logo turned out very creative and evoked positive emotions.


FIFA Women's World Cup Logo 2019
To begin with, it doesn’t look like any of its predecessors. The 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup logo depicts a stylized trophy topped with a golden football. The trophy is made up of a swirling ribbon in blue, red, and white. There’s the lettering “FIFA” in white. Below the trophy, you can see the text “Women’s World Cup” in light blue and “France 2019” in larger letters. While the first line of the lettering features a regular sans serif type, the script used for the second line looks more refined.
FIFA Women's World Cup logo


FIFA Women's World Cup logo
Australia and New Zealand decided to design something completely new. Although they used a large, black rectangle for the base, the logo turned out very colorful and the dark background allowed the colors to stand out even more. The most colorful and attention-grabbing element was placed at the very top. It was a black and white football ball that was surrounded by two by two lines created from 32 colorful squares. They were meant to represent the countries participating the in the tournament. The vibrant colors show that each country has something unique to bring and they are all brought by one sport. At the same time, the radial pattern is traditional to the indigenous cultures of the hosting countries and they wanted to show to the world that they also have a lot to give and share. Aligned to the left at the bottom of the black base, it says “FIFA Women’s World Cup” using a bold, beige typography, while the trophy symbol is aligned to the right of the inscription. The logo was completed by two squares placed right underneath next to each other. The left one features a triangular blue pattern designed by New Zealand artist Fiona Collis and the initials of both countries are stacked one on top of the other. The right square has a green flower pattern (or different routes and the destination point) designed by an Australian artist Chern’ee Sutton. It featured the event’s year printed in two lines to create an overall symmetrical look.

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