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Eve Online is an online c, which was created by CCP Games in 2003. Today the game, offering a space simulation multiplayer experience, has its versions available for Windows and Mac operating systems.

Meaning and history

The Eve Online logo looks strong and futuristic, composed of a single wordmark it is complete and stylish, without any extra detail needed.

The nameplate is composed of two parts, written in two different styles. The bold enlarged “EVE” lettering in all-caps, executed in a custom typeface. And thin and delicate “Online”, placed under it, in a strict modern sans-serif font.

The “EVE” custom typeface is based in FFF Eclipse, which is a bold square sans-serif. The main feature of the lettering is the placement of the middle bars of the both “E”s. Being outlined in the color of the background, they create a “cut” sense, which makes the logo sharper and more futuristic.

Eve Online logo

The “Online” part of the nameplate in all capitals is executed in a Bank Gothic Me-dium font, which was designed by Morris Fuller Benton. The typeface looks light and fresh, balancing the heavy “Eve” part.

Usually executed in white and placed on deep blue background, the Eve Online logo evokes a sense of creativity and mystery, representing the game’s essence and its sci-fi plot.