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Evans is a women’s clothing brand focused on plus-size clothing, lingerie, and wide-fitting shoes. The label headquartered in the UK and Ireland belongs to the Arcadia Group.

Meaning and history

Evans Logo history

The name of the brand in the Evans logo features a beautiful yet seemingly simple typeface. There are no serifs. The shape of the glyphs is pretty utilitarian. And yet, due to the variety in the width of the strokes, the wordmark looks refined.

You can also come across an older Evans logo. It is utterly unpretentious yet it clearly indicates what the brand specializes in. The word “Evans” in a generic sans serif type is paired with the lettering “sizes 14-32” in smaller glyphs. The additional information is given in gray, while the name of the brand is black.

1974  – 1988

Evans Logo 1974

1988 – 2007

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2007 – 2014

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2014 – 2017

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2017 – 2018

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2018 – Today

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