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Evans is a women’s clothing brand focused on plus-size clothing, lingerie, and wide-fitting shoes. The label headquartered in the UK and Ireland belongs to the Arcadia Group.

Meaning and history

Evans Logo history

1974  – 1988

Evans Logo 1974

The company’s history can be traced back to 1930. In 40 years, it was made public and introduced mail order purchases. The new status required a new visual brand identity. The 1974 Evans logo features the name of the brand in a cursive script. The elegant glyphs have a soft feminine touch, which is beneficial for a women’s clothing label.

1988 – 2007

Evans Logo 1988
The brand was already referred to as the market leader in plus-size clothing for women (size 14 and above). The logo went through a complete overhaul. It is more in line with the new understanding of femininity. The glyphs stand apart from each other. They are more “stable.” And yet, they have preserved an elegant touch and individuality. You can notice it in the characteristic serifs, the varying widths of the strokes forming the glyphs, and the gaps in the “E” and “a.”

2007 – 2014

Evans Logo 2007
The glyphs are now formed by strokes of the same width. The design looks more minimalist than its predecessor. It celebrates the beauty of the circle shape. The dot hints at the brand’s image as a final destination for those who want to buy women’s plus-size clothing.

2014 – 2017

Evans Logo 2014
In contrast to the circle-dominated previous logo, this one is all about straight lines and sharp angles. It is lighter, too.

2017 – 2018

Evans Logo 2017
The glyphs have grown bolder without changing their shape.

2018 – Today

Evans logo
The name of the brand in the Evans logo features a beautiful yet seemingly simple typeface. There are no serifs. The shape of the glyphs is pretty utilitarian. And yet, due to the variety in the width of the strokes, the wordmark looks refined.