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EVA Air is a prominent Taiwanese international airline, primarily recognized for its commitment to excellent service and operational safety. Owned by the Evergreen Group, EVA Air ranks among the elite global carriers, boasting an extensive network spanning major cities across North America, Asia, Europe, and Australia. The airline, which originated in Taiwan, has its primary hub at Taoyuan International Airport, with secondary hubs in Bangkok and Vienna. Serving as a critical bridge between the East and West, EVA Air has a fleet that includes state-of-the-art aircraft, emphasizing both passenger comfort and environmental consciousness.

Meaning and history

Eva Air Logo history

Established in 1989 by the Evergreen Group’s Dr. Chang Yung-Fa, EVA Air rapidly ascended to the ranks of premier global airlines. From the outset, the airline pursued innovation, becoming the first to introduce the “Premium Economy” class. Notably, EVA Air has received numerous awards for its top-tier in-flight services, safety standards, and eco-friendly initiatives. It’s also among the select few to secure a 5-star rating from Skytrax. Today, EVA Air remains a dominant force in the aviation industry, continuously expanding its global reach, upgrading its fleet, and committing to sustainability, ensuring it retains its position as a frontrunner in international air travel.

What is Eva Air?
EVA Air is a major Taiwanese international airline, founded in 1989 by the Evergreen Group. Known for its superior service and safety record, the airline operates a vast network connecting Asia to North America, Europe, and beyond.

1989 – 2013

EVA Air Logo 1989

The first logo is a representation of the EVA Air brand, a prominent international airline. The brand name “EVA” is showcased in bold, capitalized green letters, reflecting a sense of trustworthiness and vigor. Following the brand name, the word “AIR” is displayed, accentuating the aviation focus of the company. A distinct feature of this design is the globe-inspired emblem positioned to the right. The emblem, colored in green and orange, features a series of interconnected lines depicting global air routes. A white star in the middle signifies the brand’s commitment to excellence and its star status in the aviation industry. The combination of straight lines and the globe conveys a sense of worldwide connectivity, suggesting the airline’s global reach and aspirations.

2013 – Today

EVA Air Logo

The second logo, while similar to the first, offers a more streamlined and modern approach. The words “EVA AIR” are written in bold green letters, representing the company’s strong presence and eco-friendly commitment. This version of the logo provides a seamless blend between the text and the emblem. The emblem to the right is a stylized representation of a globe with a prominent white star in its center. This star symbolizes the airline’s commitment to star-quality service and global recognition. The intertwining lines on the globe hint at worldwide connections and the extensive network of routes the airline offers. The green color palette underscores the company’s commitment to sustainability, while the orange accent provides a dash of energy, portraying the dynamic nature of air travel.