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Roland Garros is the official name of a major tennis tournament held in France. It is also known under the name of the French Open. It is held at the Stade Roland-Garros in Paris.

Meaning and history

Roland Garros Logo history
The centerpiece of the logo is the combination of the letters “R” and “G” with four white stripes. The image combines white and brown. It is encircled by the lettering “Roland Garros Paris,” which is given in white over the dark green background.

1987 – 2009

Roland Garros Logo 1987

The first Roland Garros logo was introduced in 1987. Before that, several posters were used to announce the tournament, while an official logo did not exist.

2009 – Today

Roland Garros logo

In 2009 the logo of Roland Garros was slightly refined, with the colors of the medallion getting a bit more intense, and the contours of the lettering around the emblem’s perimeter — emboldened. In a refreshed typeface the inscription became more visible, which has made the whole medallion look confident and professional.


Roland Garros Logo

The type used for the writing is called Le Monde Livre. The font was developed by Jean-Francois Porsche.


Roland Garros Emblem

The palette of the Roland Garros logo is built up of brown (HEX: #b06835), green (HEX: #06492d), and white. Each of the colors is meaningful. The brown is the color of the clay. It reminds of the fact that Roland Garros is often named the birthplace of the ground court game. It is paired with white to resemble the colors of a stadium. The green on the logo symbolizes the trees and lawns seen around the courts.

There has been some playing around with the shades over the years, although the overall look of the colors has remained the same.

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