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Biden Harris is the political tandem consisting of Democrats Joe Biden and Kamala Harris created to campaign for the U.S. presidency. With Biden’s presidential victory, Kamala Harris became the first woman vice president and the first black American politician to hold the office.

Meaning and History

Biden Harris Logo history

Early in the campaign, Democratic presidential candidates Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were rivals. In late July 2019, Harris and Biden attacked each other in the first televised debate. But that soon changed, and the politicians decided to team up, creating an incredibly successful duo in the process.

What/Who is Biden Harris?
This is the political tandem created by the Democratic Party to run in the 2020 U.S. presidential election. U.S. President Joe Biden, who won the election, and Vice President Kamala Harris.

Kamala Harris is the first black woman of African-Indian descent in history. She was selected by J. Biden as the vice-presidential nominee and endorsed at the Democratic National Convention in August.

Although Biden and Harris do not seem to have much in common, they complement each other perfectly when it comes to their political programs. The main topics on which they are going to focus during Biden’s presidency as well – the economy, the environment, education, social justice – are positively perceived by a large number of Americans.

The views of J. Biden and C. Harris on domestic politics are much the same. The main idea of the political duo is “the rebirth of America” and “the unification of the American people. In foreign policy, Biden and Harris advocate multilateralism, an international system of alliances, reducing the military budget, protecting human rights, and combating global warming.

After Joe Biden announced Kamala Harris as his running mate for vice president of the United States, the Biden Harris political brand became almost the most talked about event of 2020.

Harris and Biden are an interesting political duo: the experience and traditionalism of 79-year-old Biden are balanced by the modern views of 57-year-old Harris, who grew up in a family with Indian-Jamaican roots.

2019 – 2020

Biden Harris Logo 2019

The initial logo for the Biden presidential campaign was designed in 2019 after he was nominated by the Democrats after Bernie Sanders’ candidacy was withdrawn. The logo was designed in a traditional tricolor palette: blue, red, and white. There were two badges used by the campaign, the primary one, set in two levels with the Biden name on top of the “President”, both written in blue in the uppercase letters executed in a strict yet modern sans-serif typeface, and the letter “E” in “Biden” replaced by three red horizontal lines, standing for the national flag of the United States; and the additional logo version, which was used for social media during the campaign. The social media badge was more friendly, with the “Joe” set above “2020” and enclosed into a thick circular frame. All elements but the “E” in “Joe” were set in blue, while the stylized letter repeated the flag one, from the primary logo of the Biden campaign.


Biden Harris Logo

After Biden has announced Kamala Harris as his running mate, the logo was redrawn, but only partially. The top line of the badge still featured the bold blue “Biden” with the red “E”, but the typeface was changed to a lighter and wider one. As for the bottom line of the insignia, it now comprised the “Harris” lettering in the same shade of blue, and the same typeface, as the “Biden” line, but with its uppercase letters in a smaller size.