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Eukanuba, an esteemed name in pet nutrition, specializes in crafting high-quality dog and cat food. Using premium ingredients, their recipes target various life stages and dietary needs. A global brand, they’ve etched significant marks in Europe, North America, and Asia. Today, under the Mars Inc. umbrella, Eukanuba pursues excellence in pet health, combining science and passion to nourish our furry companions. Their continued commitment to research and innovation underscores their promise to enhance pets’ lives.

Meaning and history

Eukanuba Logo history

Eukanuba, synonymous with pioneering pet nutrition, began its journey in the 1960s. Founded by Paul Iams, the brand name, inspired by a jazz term “eukanuba” (meaning “supreme”), resonated with its mission to offer exceptional pet food. The company’s first foray was into high-protein dog food, a marked departure from the usual grain-heavy feeds. This innovation was a hit, cementing Eukanuba’s reputation.

In the 1970s, Eukanuba expanded its range, incorporating breed-specific formulations. As the 20th century progressed, so did their commitment to research, resulting in unique formulas addressing age-specific needs of pets. Their dedicated research facilities ensured that every product was rooted in science.

The 1990s saw Eukanuba joining forces with The Iams Company, further bolstering their market presence. A significant milestone occurred in 1999 when Procter & Gamble (P&G) acquired them. This partnership enabled vast resources for R&D, bolstering Eukanuba’s innovation prowess.

However, in 2014, a shift occurred. Mars Inc., known for its extensive pet care portfolio, acquired Eukanuba, Iams, and Natura from P&G. Under Mars, Eukanuba continues its legacy, blending tradition with cutting-edge research to serve pets worldwide.

Today, Eukanuba stands as a testament to quality, trust, and dedication, having journeyed through different ownerships but consistently maintaining its commitment to optimal pet health.

1969 – 2014

Eukanuba Logo 1969

The brand name “Eukanuba” in a distinctive fuchsia hue. The text is rendered in a contemporary, uppercase style. Adjacent to the brand’s name, on the right end, there’s a graphical representation of a paw print in the same vivid color. Above the paw, the registered trademark symbol “®” is subtly incorporated, denoting brand exclusivity. The white backdrop adds a stark contrast, accentuating the logo’s elements and giving it a clean and minimalist appeal. The overall design radiates a sense of modernity intertwined with a pet-friendly vibe.

2014 – Today (Europe)

Eukanuba Logo 2014

The “Eukanuba” brand name, prominently stylized in a striking shade of magenta. Preceding the brand name on the left are two angular chevron arrows pointing towards the text, adding a dynamic touch to the design. The letters themselves are in uppercase and possess a bold and contemporary typography. The vibrant magenta set against the pristine white background accentuates the brand name, imparting it a modern and vibrant visual appeal. The overall composition is both sophisticated and energetic, reflecting a forward-moving momentum signified by the chevrons.

2014 – Today

Eukanuba Logo

The logo showcases the word “Eukanuba” in bold, white typography. It stands out prominently against a vibrant magenta rectangular background. The letters are evenly spaced, exuding a modern and clean design. The typography is capitalized, emphasizing the brand’s authority. On the bottom right corner of the rectangle, there’s a subtle “TM”, indicating a trademark sign, in a smaller white font, subtly highlighting the brand’s protection and authenticity. The overall design is simplistic, yet striking, making it easily recognizable.