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Estonian Air, a leading airline today, offers a wide range of services to passengers. The company, privately owned by Estonian investors, focuses on delivering exceptional travel experiences. Operating from its main hub in Tallinn, Estonia, Estonian Air serves domestic and international destinations, connecting travelers to key locations across Europe and beyond. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, the airline continues to enhance its services and maintain a strong presence in the aviation industry.

Meaning and history

Estonian Air Logo

Estonian Air is an Estonian airline that was founded in December 1991 by the Estonian government following the country’s independence. It quickly became the national flag carrier, providing both domestic and international flights.

Throughout its history, Estonian Air achieved several significant milestones. In 1996, it joined the International Air Transport Association (IATA), enhancing its global presence and collaboration with other airlines. The airline expanded its route network, connecting Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, to major European cities such as London, Paris, and Frankfurt. Estonian Air also played a crucial role in promoting tourism and business opportunities in Estonia.

However, in recent years, Estonian Air faced financial challenges and operational difficulties. In 2015, the European Commission ruled that the airline had received illegal state aid, resulting in the company’s bankruptcy and subsequent liquidation. As a consequence, Estonian Air ceased its operations, and the Estonian government established a new national carrier, Nordic Aviation Group, which later rebranded as Nordica.

Currently, Nordica serves as the main airline in Estonia, offering domestic and international flights. It continues to contribute to the country’s connectivity and transportation services, striving to meet the needs of travelers and maintain strong partnerships within the aviation industry.

What is Estonian Air?
Estonian Air was the national flag carrier airline of Estonia. It operated from 1991 until 2015 when it ceased operations due to financial difficulties. Estonian Air served as a crucial link between Estonia and various European destinations, providing passenger and cargo services.