Electrolux Logo

Electrolux Logo

Electrolux appeared in 1919 as the result of the merger of Lux AB and Svenska Elektron AB. For the first half a century of its existence, the company used script logos resembling handwriting.

Electrolux logo meaning and history

Electrolux Logo history

It was only in 1962 that the iconic symbol, which could be described as a three-pointed star in a circle, was introduced. It has been used ever since, with only minor modifications.

The 2015 symbol Electrolux

Electrolux symbol

While preserving the Electrolux emblem, the 2015 logo variation introduced a new, cleaner and modern typeface. The motto “thinking of you” was removed resulting in a cleaner and more legible logotype. The brand identity was developed by the London office of Prophet.

Color of the emblem Electrolux

Electrolux emblem

The dark, rich shade of blue featured on the logo goes with the code 282 in the Pantone Matching System.

Font of the Electrolux Logo

The typeface featured both on the Electrolux logo itself, as well as the company’s other visual communications, is a custom font called Electrolux Sans. It exists in the three versions: Semibold, Regular, and Light.