NEC Logo

NEC logo
While the NEC logotype has almost always featured nothing but the company name, it doesn’t mean that it has always remained the same.

Meaning and History logo

NEC Logo history

NEC Corporation is a Tokyo-based provider of information technology services and products. It dates its history to the Nippon Electric Limited Partnership founded in 1898.

The 1963 symbol

NEC symbol
The sharp design elements resembling thorns make the letters unusual. The wordmark existed in two colors: red and black.

The 1992 emblem

NEC emblem
At first glance, the wordmark logo doesn’t appear as unique as its predecessor. Yet, if you take a closer look, you’ll definitely notice that actually, the wordmark became cleaner without losing its uniqueness. The rounded corner on the letter “E” creates a perfect harmony with the curve of the “C,” while the smooth shape of the “N” emphasizes the overall effect. The emblem was developed by Landor Associates in Japan.


The NEC logo features the namesake type. It is a display font designed by Julio Garay.