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Eaton is a global corporation, specialized in developing and production of power equipment for various industries. The company was established in 1911 in the USA and today headquarters in Ireland with its operation offices all over the globe.

Eaton Slogan
  • Powering Business Worldwide.

Meaning and history

Eaton Logo history

1911 – 1916

Eaton Logo 1911
The first logo of the company (then called ‘Torbensen’) was rather an inscription to put on billboards. It consisted of the brand name proper and the address of the firm below.

1916  – 1923

Eaton Logo 1916
The next brand logo was an inscription ‘this is Torbensen Drive Internal gear truck’ made in multiple typefaces. The first two words had a handwritten font; the ‘Torbensen Drive’ lettering used a bold cartoon-style type with serifs; ‘Internal gear Truck’ part was written in a bold black sans-serif style, though the word ‘Truck’ was enlarged and had big gaps.

1919 – 1920

Eaton Logo 1919
When Torbensen became Eaton, the logo was changed as well. It became an inscription with the brand name and the word ‘axles’ below. Both words had a 3D font with rounded letters. The background consisted of four rectangles colored different shades of white.

1965 – 1971

Eaton Logo 1965
The 1965 logo featured an inscription ‘Eaton Yale & Towns Inc’ in a simple sans-serif font with bigger gaps between letters. The background for it was a white square with uppermost and lowermost areas colored blue.

1971 – Today

Eaton logo

The Eaton text-based visual identity is bold and bright. Using a simple blue and white color palette, it still looks fresh and modern due to the thickness and spacing of its letters.

The Eaton wordmark in all capitals is executed in an extra bold sans serif typeface. The enlarged letters of the nameplate are touching each other and even overlapping.

The three letters, “E”, “T” and “N” are drawn in bright blue, while the “A” and “O” are white. This makes the logo more lightweight and crispy, balancing the thickness of the letter-forms and the absence of space between them.

The blue and white color palette of the Eaton logo is a representation of a professional and trustworthy brand, which values expertise and innovations. Blue is a symbol of reliability and authority, while white symbolizes pore intention as and loyalty of the company to its customers.

The bright and crispy Eaton logo is remarkable and memorable. It makes the brand stand out in the list of its competitors and shows it as progressive and creative.