Drupal Logo

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Drupal Logo
Drupal is a content management software, which was designed in 2000 by Dries Buytaert. The program is used for creating websites and applications and is one of the most popular software in its field — it is used by more than two percent of all the existing websites.

Meaning and history

The Drupal text-based visual identity is minimalist yet bright and modern. The previous brand’s logo was more playful and recognizable, but its simplified version shows the software from the professional side.
The previous Drupal logo featured an image of a prop, stylized as a face in mask-sunglasses. It was cool and remarkable, executed in a bright blue and white color palette.
The current logo keeps the signature color scheme but uses only a wordmark for its visual identity.
Drupal Logo

The Drupal nameplate is executed in a bold sans-serif typeface with smooth rounded shapes and cut edges of “D” and “L”. The wordmark looks sleek and contemporary.
The light blue and white color palette of the Drupal logo is fresh and young. It represents the professional brand with rich expertise, evoking a sense of safety and trust, with white color as a symbol of loyalty and transparency.