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Discreet is a hygiene products brand, which was established in 1980 in the United States by the Always Company. The brand is focused on the manufacturing and distribution of pads and liners for sensitive conditions and issues.

Meaning and history

Discreet Logo history

The Discreet visual identity is a reflection of a trusted brand, created for women. Its logo is based on the design principles of its mother brand, Always, and looks relaxing and elegant at the same time.

The Always product’s logo is composed of a wordmark in two levels, placed on a rich purple background, which has its upper and bottom sides arched to the center.

The white and purple color palette of the Discreet logo is a symbol of elegance, luxury, and sensuality, which are perfect characteristics for a ladies’ brand. White lettering creates a sense of confidence and security, showing the brand as a professional and reliable one, while purple shows the company as caring and powerful.

The simplicity of the brand’s logo shape only elevates the brand, showing its customer as the main company’s priority. Discreet was created for women and the women’s comfort and protection is its main aim.

Old Logo

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New Logo

Discreet Logo


Logo Discreet

The typeface of all the lowercase lettering of the Discreet logo is sophisticated and instantly recognizable. The inscription is executed in a custom brush script font, which is very close to Schwung Regular, the font, designed by Hubert Jocham. Its main characteristics are smooth lines and open contours of the letter “A”.

The “Always” part of the wordmark features a bigger lettering and a bolder style of the font, while the “Discreet” part is written in a finer and thinner typeface, reflecting the delicate area of the products use.


Always Discreet offers a range of hygiene products for women, who have problems with urinary incontinence and a sensitive bladder issue of different intensity.

The Company’s product range includes different types and sizes of pads and liners, as well as specially designed disposable underwear, to give more comfort and protection to the customers.

Being a part of Procter & Gamble Group of Companies, Always is constantly developing and researching, in order to bring the latest world’s studies to life in their products. The company has a perfect reputation across the globe and rich history, which shows it from the best sides.

Always Discreet provides women with bladder leaks with all the necessary products to maximize their comfort and confidence, making their issues less visible and allowing them to enjoy life whatever happens. It is a truly feminine brand, which puts women’s health and well being in the center of its value system.