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ACLU is an American organization, dedicated to preserving the constitutional rights of the United States citizens. The Union was established in 1929 and today successfully operates all over the country, having almost 2 million members and thousands of volunteering attorneys.

Meaning and history

The minimalist and modest current visual identity of the Union is fully based on its previous version, which was a patriotic and recognizable insignia, with one of the main American symbols as an emblem.

The previous logo of ACLU, designed in 2002 by Sylvia Harris, Leila Taylor, and Fo Wilson, was composed of a wordmark in white, placed inside a light blue rectangle, with the “American Civil Liberties Union” underline, located under the main wordmark on a darker blue extended rectangle.

aclu logo

The emblem depicted a part of the Statue of Liberty’s head, cut in a square and placed on the left from the wordmark. The logo was a tribute to the United States, reflecting the purpose and essence of the Union. The blue and white color palette was a reflection of professionalism, reliability, and loyalty of the organization, dedicated to helping people.

The Statue of Liberty icon is still used by the Union on its website and advertising campaigns, but the main emblem is now composed of a single bold logotype, executed in blue and placed on a white background. It looks sleek and modern, representing a powerful organization, reflecting its expertise and authority.


The bold wordmark in all capitals is executed in a custom sans-serif typeface, which is pretty close to Dezen Pro Heavy font, but with the letter “C” modified. Its top and bottom parts are flattened in order to create a stronger and a more confident look.

The logotype of the Union looks solid and intense, due to the thick neat lines of the font and to the close location of the letters to each other, which creates a sense of unity and togetherness.