War Thunder Logo

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War Thunder is a video-game, which was created by Gaijin Entertainment in 2012. It is an action combat game, which has its versions for Windows and Linux operating systems as well as for various consoles and offers two different modes: single and multiplayer.

Meaning and history

War Thunder logo

The War Thunder visual identity is a graphical representation of the war strategy and tactical game — its strict, neat and concrete. The logo is composed of a wordmark, with the upper part containing some graphical elements.

The War Thunder nameplate is divided into two parts: the upper one, with “War” and images and the lower one, with a simple and strict “Thunder” lettering.

The typeface of the War Thunder inscription is a modern geometric sans-serif, which is very similar to Amarillo USAF, designed by Tom Lai.

The “War” part of the wordmark contains two planes silhouettes engraved on the letters’ surface, as well as two solid stars, placed on both sides of the word.

The light gray color palette of the War Thunder logo makes it look more three-dimensional and evokes a sense of cold military planning and strategy.

The War Thunder logo is a perfect representation of the game’s essence and purpose. It looks modern yet is very meaningful and instantly recognizable all over the globe.