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Devacurl is the name of the Henkel brand, which is specialized in the production of hair care products. The brand was established in 1994 in the United States and today is distributed across the globe, offering various hair care and styling collections.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of the American cosmetics brand is minimalist yet instantly recognizable dies to its fresh and juicy color palette. The text-based logo in black and lime-green looks professional and progressive, evoking a sense of reliability and showing the brand as the one, that values high quality and new technologies.

The DevaCurl logo is composed of a single wordmark, which is sometimes accompanied by a tagline. The wordmark is visually split into two parts — the first “Deva” in black, with an underlined “E”, and the second, “Curl”, in line green, with no additional elements.

Devacurl Logo

Both parts are executed in the same sans-serif typeface with bold clean lines. It looks pretty similar to such traditional fonts as ITC Avant Garde Gothic and TT Commons Demi Bold.

In case the tagline “Calling all curls” is used, it is written under the right part of the main nameplate, black smooth cursive. The soft and elegant lines of the company’s motto balance the strictness of the logotype, adding playfulness and showing the purpose of the brand — beauty.

The color palette of the DevaCurl logo is bright and cool, it represents the brand for young people and shows its value of style and design, pointing on the professional approach at the same time. The lime-green shade looks great on the product’s packaging, making the branded items stand out on the shelves.