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Der Spiegel is a German weekly magazine, founded in 1947 by John Seymour Chaloner. Today it is has the largest weekly circulation in Europe (840,000 copies). Der Spiegel is mostly famous for its investigative journalism.

Meaning and history

Der Spiegel Logo

Der Spiegel means “The Mirror” in German and the magazine does its job in reflecting everything happening in the world perfectly.

The magazine’s hard-hitting news approach won it the Europe’s biggest circulation and an abundance of advertisers. It is respected both for its coverage of news and for its concise writing, and it is generally regarded as one of the best news weeklies in Europe.

But for many people the most iconic part of Der Spiegel is its logo. The Der Spiegel white nameplate on a red background has always been hand-lettered but it’s lettering bears a strong resemblance to the City Black typeface designed by Georg Trump in 1930.

Der Spiegel has a custom multi-weight upper and lowercase typeface family (SpiegelSans font), which is being used both in paper magazines and on the Spiegel Online website.