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Embarking on a mission to enhance lives affected by kidney disease, DaVita Inc. emerged as a pioneer in nephrological healthcare and dialysis provision. It was founded with a vision to offer superior care for those battling chronic kidney ailments and advanced renal disorders. The company has established a global presence, with dialysis centers dedicated to delivering essential treatment and support to patients reliant on dialysis therapy. The inception of DaVita was fueled by a pressing demand for readily available, exemplary kidney care solutions.

Meaning and history

DaVita, established in 1999, embarked on a mission to transform kidney care. Originating in the U.S., it redefined dialysis service, focusing on patient-centric care. Initially named Total Renal Care, it rebranded to DaVita, meaning “giving life” in Italian, symbolizing a new era. Under the leadership of Kent Thiry, DaVita expanded, operating centers worldwide, emphasizing quality and innovation.

DaVita Inc. is an established healthcare provider focused on transforming kidney care. They serve over 200,000 patients across 10 countries outside the U.S. with a team of approximately 55,000 members. DaVita’s history is marked by its commitment to providing quality care and improving patients’ lives with kidney disease. Their approach encompasses holistic patient care, innovative treatments, and a mission to be the provider, partner, and employer of choice. DaVita is also recognized for their philanthropy and volunteer efforts, highlighting their commitment to community involvement.

DaVita’s journey is marked by growth, patient advocacy, and a commitment to improving lives through superior kidney care.

What is Davita?
DaVita Inc. stands as a pioneering force in healthcare, specifically targeting kidney care with a global network of dialysis centers. Founded in 1999, it has dedicated itself to elevating the standard of care for patients battling chronic kidney disease, embodying its name’s promise of “giving life”.


Davita logo

The logo presents the name “DaVita” in a solid blue hue, with the letter ‘V’ serving as a distinctive element where an arc gracefully emerges from its left side. Atop the right side of the ‘V’, a dynamic golden star is in stride. Beneath the main text, “Kidney Care” is stated, signaling the company’s healthcare focus.