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Since its latest modification in 2002, the logo of Credit One Bank has featured a blue arc, which bears a deep symbolic meaning and adds some dynamism.

Meaning and history

Credit One logo

The current Credit One logo was adopted in May 2002. The central place of the design is occupied by the lettering “CreditOne.” The two parts of the name are separated from each other by the color (the word “Credit” is black, while the word “One” is blue). Also, both of them have a capitalized initial, while all the other letters are lowercase. This approach helps to create an additional border between the two words.

The word “Bank” can be seen below. It features a different type – the letters are smaller, capitalized, and italicized. They are lighter, too. In fact, this part of the logo does not catch your eye, and you probably would not have noticed if it had disappeared.

What does catch one’s eye is the blue arc. It starts somewhere in between the “O” and “N” and goes backward ending high above the “E” and “D.”

According to the information on the corporate website, the arc symbolizes the link between the bank and clients “together on a path to a positive credit future.” We should also point out that the arc makes the design look dynamic. The fact that both the lines of the wordmark are italicized only reinforces this impression.

Old symbol

Credit One simbol

When it comes to banks, any inconsistency in brand identity across a variety of media can endanger the customer’s confidence in the institution. Credit One is among the financial institutions offering a seamless brand experience.


Credit One emblem

The Credit One logo combines two typefaces, both italicized sans serif ones. The lettering “CreditOne” is bolder, heavier, and has standard spaces between the letters, while the word “bank” is very thin and has a lot of breathing space between the letters.


Credit One

In addition to black and white, the palette features sky blue, which makes the design light and peaceful.

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