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Cows Inc. is renowned primarily for its premium quality ice cream and quirky cow-themed merchandise. Originating in Canada, it has carved a niche for its delectable flavors and innovative ice cream concoctions. Additionally, their apparel and souvenirs, often featuring whimsical cow designs and puns, have amassed a loyal following. Mainly catering to the North American market, its presence has expanded to various locations. The enterprise, although growing, remains privately held, keeping its operations and ownership details relatively discreet. Through commitment to quality, Cows Inc. has cemented itself as a favorite among dessert aficionados.

Meaning and history

Cows Inc., a brand synonymous with premium ice cream, commenced its journey in 1983 on Prince Edward Island, Canada. Scott Linkletter, the original founder, started the company with a singular objective – to create the world’s best ice cream using fresh ingredients.

In the initial phase, Cows Inc. was solely an ice cream parlor. However, the exceptional taste, derived from high butterfat content and minimal air content, soon caught the public’s attention. The brand’s popularity soared, prompting expansion into other Canadian provinces.

1985 marked a pivotal moment as Cows introduced its now-famous cow-themed t-shirts. These shirts, adorned with humorous designs and puns, quickly became a hit, turning Cows into more than just an ice cream brand. The clothing line’s success spurred the creation of other cow-themed merchandise, further amplifying the company’s visibility and reach.

Throughout the 1990s and 2000s, Cows Inc. maintained a steady growth trajectory. While the core ownership has remained consistent, with the Linkletter family holding significant sway, certain strategic partnerships and collaborations have been formed to explore new markets and product lines.

The company’s dedication to maintaining its original ice cream recipe, combined with innovative flavor introductions, has ensured its sustained reputation. Additionally, by expanding its merchandise range and entering the realm of online sales, Cows successfully adapted to changing market dynamics.

In recent years, sustainability and eco-friendliness have taken center stage in Cows’ operations. The brand is actively working towards reducing its carbon footprint, exemplified by initiatives like eco-friendly packaging and support for local dairy farmers.

Today, Cows Inc. stands as a testament to quality, innovation, and adaptability, having transformed from a local ice cream shop to an internationally recognized brand without losing its core essence or values.


Cows Logo

The logo showcases a playful, dynamic design centered around the word “Cows” written in a vibrant, yellow, cursive font. The backdrop is a deep blue elongated oval shape, reminiscent of a classic nameplate. On the right upper side, there’s a whimsical representation of an ice cream cone, with a pink scoop that appears to be lightly melting. The design exudes a fun, casual vibe, apt for a brand associated with creamy delights. The intertwining of the brand name with the ice cream symbol suggests the core offering of the brand in a visually appealing manner.