Conoco Logo

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Conoco Logo
Conoco probably the most famous name in the American energy industry. The corporation was created in 1929 in Texas and transformed into ConocoPhillips in 2002. The brand is in the top 100 largest companies in the USA by revenue.

Meaning and history

Conoco Logo history

The rich history of Conoco started in 1929, after the merger of Marland Oil and Continental Oil Co, two large energy market representatives.
The first logo design was based on the Marland visual identity and featured a red triangle pointing south with a wordmark rectangular placed on it horizontally. It was in 1930 and since then the brand never changed its signature color palette.
In 1970 the iconic Conoco logo was created, it was a simple red wordmark in a custom typeface with modern strong lines and rounded angles. The nameplate was enclosed in a red oval frame. In the 2000s the logo was made three-dimensional and the colors switched — the oval became solid-red and the frame with lettering — white.
Logo Conoco
In 2002 after the merger with Phillips Petroleum and the formation of ConocoPhillips, the new visual identity was designed.
The ConocoPhillips logo today is a clean black wordmark with a red graphical symbol on the top of it. It is a representation of movement, passion, and energy, a great example of a minimalist and contemporary logo.