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Comedy Central Productions is the name of a tv-network, founded at the end of the 1980s by Viacom, under the name “Comedy Partners”. Today it is one of the most famous tv-channels offering a wide variety of comedy content: from tv-shows to series and programs. The main audience of the network is young and middle-aged people.

Meaning and history

Comedy Central Productions Logo history

Comedy Central Productions can not be called an old tv-production company, compared to other players on the market, although it is definitely a very experienced one, as they managed to grow into one of the most-watched networks in the comedy segment, with almost a hundred million audiences across the USA.

There were several major rebranding held by the network in its early years, although the Comedy Central brand became official already in 1991. As for the logo, there were a few experiments, which lead to the great example of minimalist and laconism we can see today.

1989 – 1991

Comedy Central Productions Logo 1989

The very first logo of the company was created in 1989 when it was established under the name The Comedy Channel Originals. It was a hand-drawn contoured letter “C” in red, with uneven edges and a bold serif uppercase inscription written around its perimeter. The sleek massive letters of the wordmark feature smooth rounded contours which balance the “messy” borders of the enlarged “C”.

1990 – 1991

Comedy Central Productions Logo 1990

The redesign of 1990 was held after the company was renamed into Ha! TV Comedy Network Originals. The life under the new name was pretty short — only lasted for a few months, but still required a refreshed visual identity. The new badge featured a strictly rectangular shape (placed horizontally), a solid orange background, and a diagonally oriented “HA!” Lettering in purple, with a bold black outline and shadow, set in the upper right part of the banner. The rectangle was underlined by the uppercase “TV Comedy Network” in a simple modern sans-serif.

1991 – 1997

Comedy Central Productions Logo 1991

The Comedy Central Productions name came to the company in 1991. To stay. The new badge was introduced in the same year. This was the first version of a pretty long “planetary” era for the company. The logo, executed in blue and black, boasted an image of the planet Earth with three white skyscrapers on its top, and a wide black ribbon around it, where the white uppercase lettering in massive sans-serif was set.

1997 – 2000

Comedy Central Productions Logo 1997

The redesign of 1997 was about simplification. The color palette of the planet with the buildings was now just black-and-white, and with the refined contours of all elements, this monochrome emblem looked very confident and progressive. Also, now the placement and background could be any, and the logo kept its mood and strength no matter where it was set on.

2000 – 2010

Comedy Central Productions Logo 2000

In 2000 the Comedy Central Productions logo gets redesigned again. Keeping the planetary design as the basis, the badge was redrawn in a more modern and confident way, with bolder lines, cleaner contours, and smoother shapes. The lettering was now written not over the ribbon, but right on the planet, in a more distinctive sans-serif typeface, with a wide white outline and neat edges. The color palette was still black-and-white, but due to the arched sides of the skyscrapers, the image didn’t look strict, it was even more playful and fun than the previous versions.

2011 – 2018

Comedy Central Productions Logo 2011

The new visual identity design era started for Comedy Central Productions in 2011. The planet was forgotten and the minimalist concept was introduced. The only thing that was left was — black-and-white color scheme. The new emblem featured a small bold sans-serif “C” enclosed into a bigger mirrored one. The signifier was set above the modern sans-serif lettering in the uppercase, with the “Comedy” part set on the left from the “Central” in the same font, but turned upside-down.

2018 – Today

Comedy Central Productions Logo
After almost seven years of success of the previous badge, the network decides its logo needs some fresh air, and this is when the color steps in. The “CC” emblem turns yellow and gets its contours emboldened. Now it is set in the left from the two leveled wordmark, which is still set in black, but has its typeface switched to a fancier and smoother one. The sans-serif inscription what’s its tall letters slightly narrowed yet still solid and stable. The logo of Comedy Central Production looks super modern and bright, yet with a strong sense of professionalism and confidence in it.