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Chegg is the name of an American educational organization, headquartered in California, United States. Their work has been directed on providing their customers with a set of services and instruments that ease the studying. These services and instruments include physical and electronic textbooks as well as online tutoring capable to help you improve school or university performance. This is one of those large organizations entering the assemblage of education companies, which simplify the learning process by providing an easy way to educate.

Meaning and history

In 2000, a group of Iowa State University students developed a Chegg predecessor named Cheggpost. Initially, it was a website, where students posted their invitations to apply for a job or their employee summaries. Then, in 2005 the project was renamed Chegg and changed its direction to education. The new name was a fusion from ‘Chicken’ and ‘Egg’, deriving from an eternal problem of all students, slightly reminding the ‘Chicken and egg’ paradox: without an experience, you won’t get a job, but without a job, you won’t get an experience.

What is Chegg?
Chegg is an educational company, established in 2005 and based in the United States, California. This is one of the largest American labels, providing a student-first orientated way to learn. They provide products to support the needs and desires of students, who struggle because of their financial difficulties and problems. These products include physical and online books, audio materials, online tutor lessons and lections, et cetera.

2005 – today

Chegg Logo

The very first logotype made by the Chegg brand designers is just a large lettering with their name. There are no any badges, marks, extensions or some other visual appliances in the logotype.


The logo font features quite a simple style with no abrupt forms, twists or lines, serving as an ornament for the inscription. The letters use a somewhat bold font without serifs or wide gaps in between. Also, the first character is capitalized, while all the following letters are lowercase.


Due to the unremarkable script, the nameplate is easy to place on various signboards and backgrounds. The coloring in this case may change depending on the cause: while the main shade is bright orange, there are also white, black and red variations of the name, used in various occasions time to time.