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ChapStick is an American cosmetics brand, which was established at the beginning of the 1880s. Today the brand is owned by Pfizer and specializes in the production and distribution of lip balms with different flavors. The branded balms are sold all over the globe.

Meaning and history

There are not many monochrome logos, which look bright and juicy. The Chapstick logo does. Despite its strict and minimalist color palette, the brand’s visual identity is memorable, solid, and modern.

The Chapstick logo is composed of a wordmark, which can be placed in three ways — on black lip-shape emblem, inside a stretched rectangle with rounded angles, or on a plain white background. In the first two cases, the logotype is executed in white, while in the case of the third it is written in black.

ChapStick Logo

The “ChapStick” nameplate is written in a smooth cursive typeface with “C” and “S” capitalized. The italicized lettering evokes a sense of movements and growth, while the smooth lines and delicate contours add femininity and elegance to the whole image.

As for the “boring” color palette, monochrome is considered to be the strongest color combination, reflecting professionalism, power, and loyalty. Its huge advantage is that it looks confident on any background and balances any ornament or pattern of the product’s packaging.