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Celtic, nicknamed The Bhoys and The Hoops, is the football club from Scotland, which was established in 1888. Today the strongest and one of the oldest Scottish clubs are managed by Neil Lennon and has Ian Bankier is the chairman.

Meaning and history

Celtic Logo history
Celtic is one of the oldest and one of the most popular clubs in the world. In November 1887, at St. Mary’s Church in the Calton neighborhood of East Rose Street, now called Forbes Street. It was on that day that an Irish priest, Brother Wilfrid, gathered his fellow believers there and suggested that they organize a soccer club. It took him six months to form a team and play his first match.

Since 2021, Celtic has been led by Australian specialist Ange Postecoglou. Before that, the club was coached by former Celtic player Neil Lennon. Recent years in the Scottish league are marked by the era of Rangers revival, so the club has a hard time. At the same time, the team remains the top team in the country, consistently winning the Scottish Cup and the Scottish Cup.

Celtic soccer club plays its home matches at the arena called Celtic Park. This stadium is the second largest in the country by capacity (Celtic arena holds 60832 spectators), second only to Murrayfield Stadium.The arena was built in 1892 on the site of an unused brick factory.

What is Celtic?
Celtic is one of the oldest football clubs in the world, which was established in Glasgow in 1887. Today the team is considered to be the strongest in Scotland, taking the leading position in the Scottish Premier League. The club is managed by Ange Postecoglou.

1888 – 1977

Celtic Logo 1888

The original Celtic logo depicted a green Celtic cross (a thick shape with a ring behind the two lines. They sprinkled the thin black rings all over it and put it onto a red vertical oval.

1977 – 1988

Celtic Logo 1977
The 1977 logo introduced a green circle with a white core. That’s where they put a green clover with white veins – their new symbol. Along the top of the resulting green frame, they’ve written the club’s name – ‘the Celtic Football Club’ – in white letters. The founding year was written in the very bottom, by contrast.

1988 – 1994

Celtic Logo 1988
Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the club’s existence, they adopted this logo: a white circle with a lot of green elements. It included the old cross image in the middle with the years 1988 and 1994 on either side. The club’s name was written in the same way, although where the founding year was on the previous logo, there was now a clover.

1995 – Today

Celtic logo

The visual identity of the Celtic club is very Scottish. Executed in green and white, the color combination which associates with the country most, it features a four-leave clover as the main element. The current version of the logo was designed in 1995 and was replaced by the 125-years anniversary badge for one year, in 1012.

The Celtic logo is composed of a stylized clover image, enclosed in a wide circular frame with a white background and a double green outline. The leaves of the clover feature a unique striped pattern, which makes the whole logo modern and crispy.

The club’s wordmark, “The Celtic Football Club”, is written in a lightweight sans-serif typeface with thin clean lines and placed on the upper part of the badge’s frame, arched from the center.

The bottom part of the frame comprises the “1888” mark surrounded by two abstract lines, resembling two bats.

For the anniversary of the club, the badge switched its colors and the clover with the frame became bright green, while the lettering — white. The emblem was enclosed in an ornate wreath and had a simple yet elegant black star above it.

Celtic Colors

HEX COLOR: #018749;
RGB: (1, 135, 73)
CMYK: (88, 23, 94, 9)

RGB: (255, 255, 255)
CMYK: (0, 0, 0, 0)