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Cebgo is a prominent airline operating today in the Philippines. As a subsidiary of Cebu Pacific, it specializes in providing domestic flights to various destinations across the country. Cebu Pacific, the largest carrier in the Philippines, is the proud owner of Cebgo. With its headquarters located in Pasay City, Metro Manila, Cebgo serves as an integral part of the country’s vibrant aviation industry.

Meaning and history

Cebgo Logo history

Cebgo is a Philippine-based airline founded in 1988 by Chavit Singson. Since its establishment, the airline has achieved significant milestones. It has grown to become one of the leading domestic carriers in the Philippines, providing affordable air travel options to various destinations within the country. Cebgo has been committed to enhancing connectivity and convenience for passengers, operating flights to numerous destinations, including popular tourist spots and major cities in the Philippines. The airline has continually expanded its fleet and improved its services to ensure a pleasant travel experience. Cebgo continues to operate as an important player in the Philippine aviation industry, striving to meet the travel needs of both leisure and business travelers within the country.

What is Cebgo?
Cebgo, formerly known as SEAir, is a Philippine low-cost airline that operates domestic flights within the country. It is a subsidiary of Cebu Pacific, the largest carrier in the Philippines. Cebgo offers affordable air travel options to various destinations in the Philippines, catering to both leisure and business travelers.

1995 – 2013

Cebgo Logo 1995

The air carrier was established in the middle of the 1990s under the name SEAIR, so the original logo featured this lettering in the uppercase of a bold slanted serif font. The blue wordmark was underlined by a lightweight gray inscription, and decorated by a colorful stylized bird set on the left.

2013 – 2015

Cebgo Logo 2013

In 2013 the company was renamed to TigerAir, and its logo was changed accordingly. The new concept was built around a bold lowercase inscription in a rounded sans-serif typeface, with gray as the main color, and two orange details — the tail of the “G” and the dot above the “I”.

2015 – now

Cebgo Logo

Another rebranding happened to the company in 2015, with the new name, CebGo, and the new logo adopted. The composition of the logo boasts a bold lowercase inscription in blue and green, decorated by an image of a bird’s head in the same palette.