Cargill Logo

Cargill Logo

Cargill is an American agricultural corporation, that was established in 1865 in Minnesota. One of the top15, according to Fortune 500, USA companies, Cargill specializes in agricultural services and management as well as health and Pharma segments. The company is privately owned.

Meaning and history

Cargill Logo history

The Cargill logo is a tribute to the company’s agricultural heritage. Green, being one of two main colors of the brand’s visual identity, symbolizes nature with its energy and the company’s progressive approach to it.

The Cargill logo is composed of a wordmark with a graphical symbol on its top and a company’s motto on the right.

The brand’s name inscription is executed in a bold italicized sans-serif typeface, which is close to Helvetica Neue Cond Bold Oblique, created by Eduard Hoffman and Max Miedinger. The font looks strong and solid and reflects the company’s power and trustworthiness.

Cargill Logo

The stylized leaf, placed above the wordmark, starts from the top of the letter “A” and ends above the “I”, replacing its dot. Its elegant rounded shape adds brightness and sophistication to the logo, celebrating the brand’s heritage. The symbol was inspired by the original Cargill logo, designed in 1966.

The company’s motto “Helping The World To Thrive” is placed in the right from the nameplate and set in three levels, executed in black and “Thrive” in dark green, corresponding to the emblem’s color.