Houston Rockets Logo

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Houston Rockets Logo

Houston Rockets Logo PNG

The “rocket” theme has been present, in one way or another, in every Houston Rockets logo so far. Yet, it is the current logotype that is definitely the most sophisticated and modern one.

Meaning and history

Houston Rockets Logo history

As the club was founded as San Diego Rockets in 1968, its earliest logo reflected the name. It was only four years later that the team got its current name. The logotype, which had been designed from scratch, featured a cartoonish player spinning a yellow basketball.

old houston rockets logo

The emblem was replaced by a more realistic one in 1973. This time, it was built around a yellow basketball with a wide red outline, which could be interpreted as a rocket’s path.

houston rockets logo

The 1996 symbol

houston rockets symbol

In the 1996 symbol, the “rocket” theme became more pronounced: one could see a rocket ship with a face. The word “Houston” was gone, while the word “Rockets” became more visible.

Emblem after 2004

houston rockets emblem

Simple, yet eye-catching, the 2004 logo includes the capital letter “R”, where the vertical bar looks like a rocket ship with hot gases going out of its tail. The second part of the “R” represents another rocket, this time making a curve. In addition to the two, there is also the third rocket making a circle around the letter. The red color and the shape of the picture create a sinister resemblance with blood drips.


Houston Rockets Logo

Font houston rockets logo font

The distinctive letters with many sharp angles (reminding a rocket) were custom drawn specifically for the logo.


houston rockets logo color

There are only two colors in the regular Houston Rockets logo: red (PMS 200) and white: the red “R” appears against the white background. However, the list of the team’s colors also includes silver (PMS 877) and black (PMS Black). In fact, the brand guidelines also mention the following versions: the white “R” on the red background, the red letter on the grey or black background, and the black letter on the white background.