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Canadian Pacific Air Lines is a renowned airline company that operates in the present day. It specializes in providing exceptional air travel services to passengers. The company is owned by a prominent group of investors known for their expertise in the aviation industry. With a wide range of destinations, Canadian Pacific Air Lines operates flights to major cities across North America, offering convenient and reliable transportation options to travelers.

Meaning and history

Canadian Pacific Air Lines Logo history

Canadian Pacific Air Lines, founded by R.B. Bennett in 1942, emerged as a prominent Canadian airline during the mid-20th century. The company achieved significant milestones, including the introduction of pressurized cabins, which enhanced passenger comfort and safety during high-altitude flights. They also pioneered transpolar routes, connecting Canada with Asia and Europe, and played a vital role in the development of the aviation industry in Western Canada. However, in 1987, Canadian Pacific Air Lines underwent a reorganization and merged with Pacific Western Airlines, forming Canadian Airlines International. Today, the company no longer operates as an independent entity but holds a significant place in Canada’s aviation history, showcasing the country’s growth and contributions to the global airline industry.

What is Canadian Pacific Air Lines?
Canadian Pacific Air Lines was a major Canadian airline that operated from 1942 to 1987. It played a significant role in connecting various regions of Canada and offering international flights. The airline was known for its fleet of aircraft, which included iconic models like the Douglas DC-3 and Boeing 747.

1968 -1985

Canadian Pacific Air Lines Logo 1968

The original logo of Canadian Pacific Air Lines was introduced in 1968 and stayed with the company almost for all of its history. It was a two leveled inscription in black with the bold enlarged abbreviation underlined by the delicate “Canadian Pacific” in a lightweight slanted sans-serif, and a large orange square, formed of two elements — the sharp triangle pointing to the left in its right part, and the rectangle with an arched cut-out on the left.

1986 – 1987

Canadian Pacific Air Lines Logo

The redesign of 1986 has switched the color palette of the Canadian Pacific Air Lines logo to dark-blue and orange. The lettering was rewritten in a delicate serif font, in two levels, on the left from a refined emblem, which got its left part stretched and drawn in blue with thin white horizontal stripes.

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