Tampa Bay Buccaneers Logo

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buccaneers logo
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers is a professional football team that plays in the National Football League, South Division of the National Football Conference. It is based in Tampa, Florida.
tampa bay buccaneers logo

The first Buccaneers logo – the Bucco Bruce – was a picture of a winking pirate wearing a red plumed hat and an earring, and holding a dagger in his teeth.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Logo history
The 1997-2013 logo featured a purple flag with the classic skull and swords and a football. The present-day Buccaneers logo one is pretty much the same except the red background and a slightly different shape of the skull and swords.

Original symbol

buccaneers symbolThe team’s earliest logo was developed in 1976 by Lamar Sparkman, who was the club’s long-time cartoonist designer. The reason why Sparkman steered clear of Jolly Roger was simple: he wanted to create something different from the emblems of other “pirate” teams. The pirate in a plumed slouched hat was used as the Buccaneers symbol until 1976.

Emblem in 1997-2013

buccaneers emblemPrior to the 1997 season, the club collaborated with the National Football League to create a more aggressive identity, which, among other benefits, would help to sell the products with the Buccaneers emblem. Instead of “Bucco Bruce,” a new logo was developed featuring a red flag mounted on a saber.