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There used to be arguments concerning the meaning of the spear-head Boy Scout logo. Critics called it an emblem of bloodshed. What does it symbolize in truth?

The logo of one of the largest youth organizations in the world is full of symbolism. There is nothing incidental in it. Even the smallest element has a hidden meaning.

Meaning and history

boy scouts of america logo
The emblem of the Scout organization has undergone several revisions over the years of its existence. Each time new features appeared but the main element remained the same ‒ a fleur-de-lis which is a stylized lily. One of its petals represents Service to Others, the second one ‒ Duty to God and the third one ‒ Obedience to the Scout Law. These are the three promises new Scouts make when joining the organization.

The version of the Boy Scout logo introduced in 1920 by Baden-Powell was red and yellow in color. It included the fleur-de-lis and the wordmark “Boy Scouts” below it. Later two five-pointed stars were added to the symbol to represent knowledge and truth. Their ten points stand for the ten Scout laws.

Symbol of 1939

boy scout symbol

The symbol of 1939 was in the form of a round badge. The fleur-de-lis was silver, and the background was purple. There were the names of the five continents around the boarder within the frame.

Current Emblem

boy scout emblem

The final design of the Boy Scout logo has been in use since 1955. It features a rope encircling the fleur-de-lis and tied in a knot at the bottom. The rope and the “bond” that ties the petals together symbolize the tight-knit family of Scouting.

The white color in the emblem signifies purity, while the meaning of royal purple is leadership and service.

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