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Cascadian Farm is an organic food brand, founded by Gene Kahn. It began as a small organic farm near the Cascade Mountains in Washington State, USA. Kahn, motivated by a desire to farm in a way that wouldn’t harm the environment, focused on producing organic fruits and vegetables. Over time, the farm expanded into a successful brand known for its commitment to organic and sustainable agriculture practices. It offers a range of products including cereals, frozen fruits, and snack bars, emphasizing eco-friendly farming and natural ingredients.

Meaning and history

Cascadian Farm Logo history

Cascadian Farm, born in 1972, is the brainchild of Gene Kahn, a young idealist who turned his passion for sustainable agriculture into a pioneering organic farm nestled in Washington State’s Cascade Mountains. Kahn’s vision was to cultivate food that respects Earth’s natural balance. Starting with a modest 24-acre farm, he focused on organic fruits and vegetables. His commitment to organic farming practices soon transformed Cascadian Farm into a trailblazer in the organic food movement. By embracing eco-friendly methods, the farm became a symbol of harmonious farming, leading the way for future organic endeavors. Over the years, Cascadian Farm evolved, expanding its reach and product line, which now includes cereals, frozen produce, and snack bars.

The brand, under the umbrella of General Mills since 2000, remains dedicated to its founding ethos of environmental stewardship, contributing significantly to the growth and popularity of organic foods globally. This journey reflects a blend of agricultural innovation and a steadfast commitment to planetary well-being.

What is Cascadian Farm?
Cascadian Farm is a pioneering brand in the organic food industry, established in 1972 by Gene Kahn. Nestled in the Cascade Mountains of Washington, it began as a small farm and grew into a widely recognized name for organic cereals, frozen fruits, and snacks, championing sustainable and eco-friendly agricultural practices.

Before 1990

Cascadian Farm Logo old


The logo depicts “Cascadian Farm” arched over an idyllic mountain range, with the font in a relaxed, handwritten style. The sky-blue backdrop and snow-capped peaks evoke freshness and purity, resonating with the brand’s organic commitment.

1990 – 1997

Cascadian Farm Logo 1990

In this iteration of the Cascadian Farm logo, the text takes center stage with bold, confident lettering, shedding the handwritten feel. A small emblem, proclaiming “Organic Farming Since 1972,” features a mountainous landscape, symbolizing the brand’s long-standing commitment to organic agriculture. The overall design is clean and modern, emphasizing the brand’s evolution while honoring its heritage.

1997 – 2001

Cascadian Farm Logo 1997

This logo version introduces vibrant colors and a more detailed mountainous backdrop within an oval frame, emphasizing the brand’s connection to nature. “SINCE 1972” arches above, with “QUALITY ORGANIC FOODS” below, framing the “Cascadian Farm” text that now appears in a stately, serif font on a banner-like green background. The circular and oval shapes convey completeness and continuity, signifying the brand’s well-rounded approach to organic farming and food production.

2001 – 2008

Cascadian Farm Logo 2001

“Since 1972” is now neatly tucked above the bold, white “Cascadian Farm” name, while “ORGANIC” anchors the design on a vibrant yellow curve, underscoring the brand’s organic essence. This design simplifies the mountain imagery, opting for clean lines and waves that suggest a landscape, reflecting a modernized approach while maintaining the brand’s organic roots.

2008 – 2019

Cascadian Farm Logo 2008

The logo transitions to a more naturalistic scene, with a photographic image of Skagit Valley and the Cascade Mountains. The “Cascadian Farm Organic” name is now prominently displayed on a rich green banner, emphasizing the organic aspect. “Since 1972” is included within the banner, reinforcing the brand’s longstanding heritage. This design is a harmonious blend of imagery and text, reflecting the brand’s commitment to organic farming and its roots in the natural beauty of Washington State.

2019 – 2020s

Cascadian Farm Logo 2019

The logo of Cascadian Farm features a serene, panoramic view of Skagit Valley, with its lush fields set against the backdrop of the majestic Cascade Mountains. Prominently, the brand’s name, “Cascadian Farm Organic,” is etched in a bold, earthy green hue, symbolizing its organic ethos since 1972. Encircling the picturesque farmland is a crisp, white arch, evoking a sense of purity and natural simplicity that is core to the brand’s identity.

2020s – Today

Cascadian Farm logo

In this refreshed logo, the design adopts a stylized, illustrative approach, replacing the previous photographic background with a vibrant, simplified depiction of Skagit Valley. The “Cascadian Farm Organic” text is now cradled within a green, leaf-shaped banner, which gives a nod to the brand’s organic focus. The top of the logo proudly states “Founded in Skagit Valley, WA,” which emphasizes the brand’s proud regional heritage. This iteration leans towards a modern, friendly aesthetic while maintaining its homage to nature.

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