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Blue Air is a renowned airline specializing in low-cost flights. Founded in 2004, it is currently owned by Blue Air Management SRL. The company operates a diverse fleet of modern aircraft and serves numerous destinations across Europe, including popular tourist spots and major cities. With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and competitive pricing, Blue Air has become a preferred choice for budget-conscious travelers seeking reliable air travel options.

Meaning and history

Blue Air Logo history

Blue Air is an airline that was founded by Nelu Iordache in 2004. Since its establishment, Blue Air has achieved significant milestones in the aviation industry. The airline has continuously expanded its fleet and route network, providing passengers with a wide range of domestic and international destinations to choose from. Blue Air has also focused on enhancing the passenger experience by introducing modern amenities and services onboard its aircraft. As of the current time, Blue Air is a well-established airline that continues to operate and serve travelers, offering convenient and affordable air travel options in Europe and beyond.

What is Blue Air?
Blue Air is a Romanian low-cost airline that operates scheduled flights across Europe. It was founded in 2004 and has its headquarters in Bucharest, Romania. Blue Air offers affordable air travel options to various destinations, focusing on providing a budget-friendly experience to its passengers.

2004 – 2009

Blue Air Logo 2004

The design, adopted for the Blue Air logo in 2004, featured a color palette of two shades of blue, with the bold sans-serif lettering decorated by a smooth and elegant ribbon on the background. The heavy title case wordmark was accompanied by a lowercase “Smart Flying” tagline in a traditional sans-serif.

2009 – 2021

Blue Air Logo 2009

The redesign of 2009 has kept the typeface of the main wordmark from the previous version, but brightened up the color palette of the logo and changed the graphical part. The new emblem, placed on the left from the logotype, was formed by two smooth ticks with elongated sharp ends.

2021 – 2022

Blue Air Logo

In 2021 the composition was simplified, with all gradients removed. The emblem got smaller as is now set in a light shade of blue. As for the lettering, it is written in a medium blue, with the typeface resembling the previous badges, but the edges of the bold characters slightly softened.

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