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Berthillon is a renowned French ice cream manufacturer and parlor situated in the heart of Paris, on Île Saint-Louis. Established in 1954, this family-run business stands out for its artisanal ice creams and sorbets, crafted using natural ingredients. The brand is iconic in Paris and has expanded its presence to various outlets, although it maintains a selective distribution to ensure quality. Berthillon’s primary market remains France, particularly Parisian locals and tourists. The enterprise is still owned and managed by the Berthillon family, upholding its longstanding tradition of delivering delectable frozen treats.

Meaning and history

Berthillon, a name synonymous with premium ice cream in Paris, was founded in 1954 on Île Saint-Louis by Raymond Berthillon. Initially a small bistro operated by the Berthillon family, Raymond’s unique ice cream recipes, emphasizing natural ingredients without additives, soon garnered attention.

As word spread about these sumptuous treats, the modest bistro transformed into a dedicated ice cream parlor. The meticulously crafted flavors, combined with the artisanal approach of slow churning, set Berthillon apart from competitors. Parisians and tourists alike queued up, turning the parlor into an iconic spot in the city.

Through the years, the business remained a family affair. Raymond’s descendants continued his legacy, maintaining the same commitment to quality. While there were temptations to expand aggressively, the family chose selective distribution, partnering with a few handpicked vendors in Paris to ensure the brand’s standards were upheld.

The 21st century saw Berthillon facing competition from global ice cream brands and the rise of artisanal gelaterias. However, its rich history, rooted in tradition and consistent quality, ensured a loyal clientele. To adapt, the family introduced new flavors, reflecting contemporary tastes, yet grounded in the original Berthillon ethos.

Today, Berthillon remains a testament to Raymond’s vision, continuing under the stewardship of the family. Despite modern challenges and market evolutions, the brand stands firm, preserving its reputation as Paris’s ice cream jewel.


Berthillon Logo

The typography is stylized in an ornate fashion, predominantly in a vibrant shade of purple. The initial “B” is especially elaborate, characterized by intricate swirls and curves that extend upwards, giving it an almost whimsical and antique feel. The other letters, while simpler in design, still carry decorative elements, such as extended serifs and subtle embellishments. The design artfully merges classic elegance with a touch of modern flair, evoking a sense of premium quality and tradition.