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JoyShoetique is a global e-commerce platform, which specializes in women’s clothing and accessories at affordable prices. The company had a worldwide delivery and is known for a really large selection of fashion items in all possible categories, along with footwear of all styles.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of the fashion retailer is modern and stylish. The custom text-based logo is composed of two parts and executed in a strong and memorable color palette.

The black wordmark is usually placed on a peach-pink background, which reflects the essence of the e-commerce website and its purpose. Sometimes it is placed on white, emphasizing the segment of the platform — fashion.

The monochrome palette also simplifies a pretty difficult inscription pattern and makes it stronger and more modern.

JoyShoetique Logo

As for the light peach color, it reflects femininity and tenderness, accenting on the quality of the products and their wide assortment.


The wordmark is split into two parts — “Joy” in a bold custom typeface, which is close to artistic sans-serif Slug Half font. The letters are placed as close to each other as possible, creating an interesting ornament of thick neat lines with straight cuts.

The “” inscription in all capitals is executed in a simple light sans-serif, which balances and harmonizes the whole logo, adding a touch of professionalism and authority.


The bright pink company’s website offers a wide range of shoes and clothing at affordable prices.

The range of the e-commerce platform includes flat shoes, boots and a wide variety of heels of every possible style and for any occasion, along with tops, dresses, and swimwear, which you can see in the world’s fashion magazines, but at bargain prices.

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The online retailer also offers a selection of bags and accessories, and sparkling fancy jewelry available for not more than $20.

The company offers a worldwide delivery service, aiming to make its products available for women across the globe. There is also a safe and convenient payment system on their website and a 30-day window for returns and exchanges.

Another section of the e-commerce platform is wholesale, which offers very competitive deals for bulk orders, so if you are a small or medium-sized business, Joyshoetique has something to offer to you!

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