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Ben 10 is the name of a popular animated series for kids, which was released in 2005 in the United States. Today the show is broadcasted worldwide and expanded its franchise to not only tv-series but also magazines and video games.

Meaning and history

Ben 10 Logo history

The visual identity of the super-popular franchise is all about the space, as the main character, Ben Tennyson, is able to turn into aliens with the help of a special device, and this is what the whole Ben 10 is about.

The logo, which was first introduced in 2005, has been slightly changed throughout the years, but not much, and all the changes were mainly about the lower level of the emblem, the “10”.

The Ben 10 logo is composed of an ExtraBold green and yellow gradient “Ben” lettering in capitals, which sits on a white “10”. Both parts feature a thick black outline and a shadow, also in black, which makes the whole badge look lighter and more distinct.

Inside the zero, there is a black and gradient green circle, which balances the look of the emblem. In the original version, this element was replaced by numerous black dots, but with the addition of green and yellow gradient, it became more harmonized and cool.

Ben 10 logo

The Ben 10 logo is instantly recognizable all over the world not only because of the incredible popularity of the franchise but also due to the use of massive figures and a very “alien” color palette, which also looks progressive and futuristic.