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BB&T is the former name of Truist Financial Corporation, which is one of the large American banks. The company was founded in 1872 and today has over two thousand branches across the USA.

Meaning and history

Logo BB&T

The former bank’s name, BB&T, was an abbreviation for Branch Banking and Trust Company. And its visual identity was traditional and strong.

The BB&T logo was text-based. The wordmark was executed in a classic and bold Times New Roman, which is one of the most well-known serif fonts.

The color palette of the BB&T logo was burgundy and white, where the composition offer alternated — lettering could be a white of burgundy placed on burgundy or white background respectively.

Due to the short bank’s name, there was no need for any icon or brand’s signifier, as the whole wordmark placed in a square, worked well for all the needs.

symbol BB&T

After the brand’s name change, the visual identity was completely redesigned. Now the Truist logo is composed of a sleek modern wordmark in a sans-serif typeface. It is written in all capital letters and accompanied by an emblem on its right. The emblem represents a square with rounded angles and two horizontal letters “T” coming out of the sidebars to the center.

It is a completely different logo, which uses a cold and royal blue color, a symbol of professionalism and reliability.