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BambooHR is an American company, founded in The United States, Utah, 2008. The company is focused on developing and selling of software of human potential extension. Their products include programs focused on tracking applicants and employee benefits. The BambooHR products and services are widely used worldwide.

Meaning and history

2008 – today

BambooHR Logo

The logotype of the brand depicts its name in a typical lowercase sans-serif script. The last ‘HR’ part is written in capitalized letters, but they’re as big as the rest of the name. Another feature of the nameplate is a small leaf left side from the whole word.

Font and color

BambooHR Emblem

The logotype uses a typical sans-serif typeface with minimalistic lowercase style. The logotype is often green, though you can find the black and white variants. The background used for the logo is white.