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Aveeno is a well-known skincare brand that specializes in producing a wide range of products infused with natural ingredients. The company is owned by Johnson & Johnson, a renowned multinational corporation. Aveeno operates globally, offering its skincare solutions to consumers worldwide. Its commitment to utilizing natural ingredients has made Aveeno a popular choice among individuals seeking gentle and effective skincare solutions.

Meaning and history

Aveeno Logo

The simplicity of the Aveeno logo makes it easy to reproduce. Although there is nothing but the name of the brand and the type looks pretty simple, at first glance, there is perceptible custom touch. The first two letters, “A” and “V,” are positioned very close to each other making the design slightly more unique and making the wordmark narrower.

Also, you can come across an older version with the tagline “Active naturals,” which is given in smaller letters below the main wordmark. Here, the type used for the word “Aveeno” is slightly different – you can see delicate serifs.

What is Aveeno?
Aveeno is a company that specializes in skincare and hair care products. They are known for their use of natural ingredients and their focus on providing gentle and nourishing solutions for various skin and hair concerns.

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