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Aurigny Air Services is an airline based in the Channel Islands, owned by the States of Guernsey. The company primarily operates domestic and international flights to and from Guernsey, Alderney, and other regional destinations. With a fleet of modern aircraft, Aurigny Air Services ensures reliable and efficient travel for passengers, offering a range of services including scheduled flights, charter services, and freight transportation. The airline plays a vital role in connecting the Channel Islands with the UK and Europe, providing convenient and accessible air travel options for both residents and visitors.

Meaning and history

Aurigny Air Services Logo history

Aurigny Air Services is an airline based in Guernsey, a British Crown Dependency. It was founded by Sir Derrick Bailey in 1968. Over the years, Aurigny has achieved several significant milestones. It became the first airline to introduce a commercial hovercraft service in 1969, connecting Guernsey and Jersey. In 2003, it received the “Regional Airline of the Year” award at the European Regions Airline Association. Aurigny has expanded its route network and fleet, operating flights to destinations such as London, Manchester, Bristol, and more. Aurigny Air Services continues to serve as Guernsey’s flag carrier and provides both passenger and cargo services, contributing to the region’s air connectivity.

What is Aurigny Air Services?
Aurigny Air Services is a regional airline based in Guernsey, Channel Islands. It operates scheduled passenger and freight services between Guernsey and various destinations in the United Kingdom and Europe. With a history dating back to 1968, Aurigny is known for its reliable service and commitment to serving the communities it connects.

1992 – 2002

Aurigny Air Services Logo 1992

The logo, designed for Aurigny Air Services in 1992, featured a light elegant combination of blue serif lettering and a delicate graphical element, replacing the horizontal bar of the “A”. It was a wavy ribbon in blue, white, and red, which added a bright accent to the logo.

2002 – 2005

Aurigny Air Services Logo 2002

The redesign of 2002 has switched the composition of the Aurigny logo, keeping the graphical element from the first version. The emblem was now enlarged and placed on the background of bold lowercase lettering in blue and red. The inscription was set in a modern sans-serif typeface, looking stable and confident.

2005 – 2014

Aurigny Air Services Logo 2005

In 2005 the logo was minimized, keeping the style of the lettering, but darkening up the color palette. The graphical element was completely removed from the composition.

2014 – 2017

Aurigny Air Services Logo 2014

The redesign of 2014 has adopted a new color to the Aurigny palette. The new badge was formed by a solid yellow rectangle with a dark-blue wordmark written against it. The dot above the lowercase “I” was colored in red.

2017 – now

Aurigny Air Services Logo

In 2017 the yellow background was replaced by a plain white one, and the tagline of the logo was rewritten in capital letters of a modern sans-serif typeface and placed in the upper right corner of the banner.