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Astra Airlines is the name of a Greek air carrier, which was established in 2008 and ceased all operations in 2019. The airways, founded by Ioannis Zlatanis has its flights scheduled to more than 35 international destinations.

Meaning and history

Astra Airlines was founded by Ioannis Zlatanis. It was a Greek regional airline headquartered in Thessaloniki. The company stopped working in November 2019 as a result of severe financial difficulties.

The company’s aircrafts carried out international and domestic flights of regular and charter nature. The flights were mainly to nearby European countries, as well as Russia, Ukraine, and Israel.

Most flights to Greece from the cities of Russia and Ukraine were made by this company. The popularity of the air carrier could be easily explained by its democratic pricing policy, and quite high quality of services.

What is Astra Airlines?

Astra Airlines was a fairly well-known Greek airline founded in 2008 by Ioannis Zlatanis, and ceased all operations in 2019. The main hub of the carrier was in Thessaloniki International Airport. The company had flights to almost 40 destinations across the world.

As for the visual identity, the Greek air carrier was progressive and stylish. The Astra Airlines logo was designed in a minimalistic and laconic way but had a strong character and recognizable style, which made the brand stand out in the list of competitors.

2008 – 2019

Astra Airlines Logo

Simple and stylish, the Astra Airlines logo was dominated by blue and silver, the colors of metal and the sky. The palette, evokes a fresh feeling, along with a sense of speed, freedom, and confidence.

All the letters in the word “Astra,” except for the initial, belong to a plain sans serif typeface. The horizontal bar in the first “A” has been replaced by an upward curve symbolizing the aircraft flying up. Below the mainline of the logo, you can see the word “airline” in small lowercase letters, which sometimes are removed, keeping the uppercase “Astra” as the only element of the badge.

The typeface of the main logotype is very similar to modern and stable KAPITAL Regular font, with clean contours and straight cuts of the lines. Another distinctive feature of the lettering here is the open contour of the “R”, with the sharp element balancing the rounded bar of its upper part.