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Ariana Afghan Airlines is the national airline of Afghanistan. It was founded by an American entrepreneur, G. P. Wild, in 1955. Over the years, the airline has achieved several significant milestones. It became the first airline in Afghanistan to operate international flights and has since expanded its network to serve destinations in Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. Ariana Afghan Airlines has played a crucial role in connecting Afghanistan with the rest of the world, facilitating travel and trade. As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, the airline continues to operate and provide air transportation services, contributing to the country’s aviation sector.

Meaning and history

What is Ariana Afghan Airlines?
Ariana Afghan Airlines is the national flag carrier airline of Afghanistan. It operates both domestic and international flights, connecting Afghanistan with various destinations across the globe. Established in 1955, the airline has been a vital transportation link for passengers and cargo, contributing to the development of air travel in Afghanistan.

Ariana Afghan Airlines Logo